SleepSoul Space 2000 Pocket Memory Pillow Top Mattress, Small Double



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2000 individually pocketed springs in the King Size SleepSoul Space 2000 means you get unrivalled comfort and support all night long. That space-age Memory Foam layer moulds to the contours of your body, eliminating pressure points along the shoulders, back and hips, cradling you all night for a better, more restful night�s sleep. Luxury and practicality combine together in one of the best mattresses around.From the 2000 individually pocketed springs in the King Size mattress to the memory foam layer and pillow-top soft layer, this mattress represents real quality and performance. SleepSoul is so convinced by the premium quality of this mattress that they offer a full 10-year warranty with each one. At 33cm deep, it represents real luxury and comfort, with a firm rating for extra support where you need it.While the inside of this technologically advanced mattress is working hard to give you all the support you want, that deep, soft, pillow top layer lets you snuggle down in absolute comfort for a dreamy night�s sleep. The plush fillings embrace you from the moment you lay down, so you drift off to sleep completely relaxed!The SleepSoul Space 2000 is a single-side mattress, so that means you don�t have the hassle of turning and flipping every six months or so to keep it at its best. However, we do recommend that you turn the mattress regularly from �top-to-toe� and to make this easier the SleepSoul Space 2000 pocket memory pillow-top mattress comes complete with strong turning handles at the side.How hard is it trying to struggle upstairs with a full-size mattress? SleepSoul makes it easier by delivering their Space 2000 vacuum packed and rolled, so it�s super-easy to get it to exactly where it�s needed, whether that�s the master bedroom or the guest bedroom. Simply unbox it, unroll it, and let it regain its shape for 48 hours before use � it couldn�t be easier!

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